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Class/School Remind Codes, Communication Sites

The following listing  includes social media sites, school and class websites and Remind 101 codes to receive messages from teachers through out the year.  If you have any questions regarding any of these links please contact the school.



EUHS Band:

Mrs. Venegas:

Mr. Hendrix:


Soccer/Track/Cross Country:



Mr. Mayo: @euhsprincipal

Activities: @euhsactivities

Athletics: @euhsathletics

Band: @monarchband



CSA Compassion for Shelter Animals

Monarch Nation:@monarchnation1

Exeter @FFA













REMIND: 81010 this is the number for all Exeter Union High School remind accounts

Senior Info (Reyna) @reyna19

Daily Bulletin @ euhsnews

Exeter FFA @ exeterffa

Crossage Tutoring@crossagee



FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) @ hope4euhs

CSA (Compassion for Shelter Animals) @ mscamr

Art Club @ euhsartfun

Odyssey of the Mind @ euhsomteam



EUHS Girls Tennis  @ euhsts



Hendricks Chemistry 81010 chemeuhs

Hendricks Physical Science 81010 physcieuhs

Hendricks Girls Water Polo 81010 poloeuhs



Clague Band students  @ mona

Clague Band parents  @ monbandpar

Clague Jazz Ensemble  @ swagjazz

Clague Guitar1  @mongit

Clague Guitar Parents  @ mongitpar

Clague Concert Choir @exchoir

Clague Chamber Singers  @ exechamber

Clague Choir Parents  @exechoirpar

Goodwin 3D  @ art3dgood

Goodwin ADV.  @ advartgood

Goodwin Art 1 81010 artlgood

Jones 3D Art 1 81010 gff2hd



Hein Math Analysis 81010 bc2h7

Hein Math 11 81010 e6a78d

Hein Integrated Math 1 H 81010 intlh

Mello lnteg Math2 per 1 81010 perlim2

Mello lnteg Math2 per 2 81010 mskmell

Mello lnteg Math2 per 3 81010 per3im

Mello lnteg Math2 per 4 81010 mskmello

Mello lnteg Math2A per 5 81010 perSim


Kha I Ag Biology 81010 agbiokhal

Kha I Animal Handling 81010 animalha

Kha I Ag Chemisrty 81010 agchemkhal

Mendes Ag Biology 81010 agbioeuhs

Mendes Ag Mechanics 1 81010 agmecheuhs

Mendes Ag Business @agbuseuhs



Beeth 9th English ADV. @ beeth9a

Beeth 11th English  @ beethll

Brooks English 12 @ fdaf3f

Brooks English 10  @h276db

Jones English 12 81010 erwc171

Mccurdy English 10 81010 mccurdy80

Mccurdy English 10 ADV 81010 26mccurdy

Mccurdy English 11AP 81010 kmccurdy80

Poochigian English 10 @ poochi82

Poochigian Psychology @ pooch82



Carmen AP Government  @apgoveuhs

Carmen AP US History  @euhsapush

Carmen US History  @carmenus


McDonald World History 81010 ed68ha

McDonald GovUEcon 81010 k829f9


Smith World History 81010 f4373fe

Smith GovUEcon 81010 gaafe3



Venegas Intro. PhotoNideo 81010 photovideo

Venegas ADV. Med & Broad 81010 advmedia

Venegas Webdesign 81010 webdesign

Venegas GAME 2020 grads 81010 game path

Venegas GAME 2021 grads 81010 game21