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Frequently Asked Questions About Reopening School

When are we returning?
As of right now  our plan is to open on March 22, 2021, we have to wait on the numbers that come from the state every Tuesday.  as soon as we know we will let you know. 
What  are the different schedules available to my student?
We will have in person learning with a AM and PM classes. We will also have Distance Learning through an online program called Edgenuity,.
If I start my child in Distance Learning can I change to in-person learning?
Due to the fact that Distance Learning requires so many hours of log on time and our seating is limited in classes those changes would have to be made within the first week we start back. 
What does the new schedule  look like?
See picture of schedule below.
Will there be transportation? 
Yes students who traditionally were on our route for pick up will be picked up, to ensure that you have transportation you can always call Loretta Myers at Transportation 559.592-5573.
If I am in an AM or PM class can I switch?  
It depends on the circumstances, we are accommodating for families to all be on the same AM or PM classes. . We will not change schedule because all of your friends are in a different schedule. We will take it on a case by case bases, 
Why is Parent Square so important?
This is our new way of communicating, it is vital that one parent or Guardian in the household have a working number or email.