Good afternoon Exeter Union High School Families. I would like to make you aware of an online issue that may pose a student safety concern. It is called Momo. According to National Online Safety, Momo is a sinister “challenge” that has been around for sometime and has recently re-surfaced. It has been linked with apps such as FaceBook, WhatsApp, YouTube and YouTube Kids. A scary doll-like figure sends graphic violent images and asks users to partake in dangerous challenges, including self-harm. Innocent videos on YouTube and YouTube kids have been edited to include violence and/or other inappropriate content.

Actions have been taken in our district to help our online filter block access to Momo related content. I ask that all families be diligent about monitoring what their children are watching at home and what they have access to on their devices.

National Online Safety has published a Momo Challenge Guide with tips for parents. It can be accessed at: or you can Google “National Online Safety Momo”.  

Thank you for partnering with us to keep our students safe. 


  • Tell them it’s not real
  • Be present
  • Talk regularly with your child
  • Device settings and parental controls
  • Peer pressure
  • Report and Block