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Principal's Message

 Exeter Union High School Principal Robert Mayo
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.   As in the past, EXETER UNION HIGH SCHOOL staff, students, and parents will continue to work together to support the goal of our mission statement: In partnership with students, parents and the community, we will deliver the highest quality educational experience for every student.
An example of that commitment to high standards is exemplified by our covenants for athletes, which has been developed by students and coaches.  The expression of “Trust in the E,” and “The E never comes off” provides an emphasis on character education that will become every student’s experience as part of any Exeter Union High School athletic team. Trusting in the E, and those lessons of character are extended to all students of EUHS, as we all are representatives of our school and our community.   The “E” never coming off, is a reminder that we are always ambassadors to our school and community.
A culture of academia is driving an enhanced student counseling services program, new college preparatory classes and additional college placement test opportunities for our students.  In addition, programs designed to support students and connect academics to career opportunities has strengthened. The Linked Learning program in Agriculture and Graphic Arts Media Entertainment (GAME) will provide a cohort of 9th,10th and 11th grade students a pathway that connects school to career, by providing enhanced opportunity for guest speakers, field trips, and project based learning. We will begin embedding technology in many of our classes, as we are upgrading our computer network to bring computer devices to 100% of our student population.
Campus beautification opportunities to improve our cafeteria, classrooms and sports facilities have been completed over the summer and will continue on for many years.  We have a determination to pursue success, and continue to honor the rites, rituals and traditions that allow everyone associated with EXETER more reasons to proudly state, “I am a MONARCH”.  I invite you to join us as we work to insure that EXETER is truly an exceptional school.