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EUHS Attendance Office

Phone Number: 559-592-2127 x5024

E-Mail: Maria Loya    [email protected]

For accounting purposes, there is no such thing as an excused absence.  It is vitally important that students be in class unless they are ill.  It is important not to remove students for vacation trips or other non-essential reasons.  Compulsory attendance laws require that we verify reasons for all student absences.  The State of California considers any student absent four or more times per year to be a habitual truant.

The reason for an absence must be verified by a note or telephone call from a parent or guardian regardless of the age of the student.  Students, 18 years old or more and who do not live with a parent, may verify their own absence.  The attendance office telephone number is available for messages 24 hours a day.  Parents are encouraged to telephone the attendance office and verify absence reasons by leaving a recorded message.  A student will have two days to verify their absence.  All unverified absences are considered unexcused and will accrue toward truancy.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up any school work missed as a result of absence.

Absence due to a student's involvement in a school related activity at which school personnel are present, is not considered absent by the state for accounting purposes, but is considered absent from individual classes. It is the student's responsibility to make up any work missed as a result of absence.  Please call our office (592-2127 x5024) BEFORE 9:30 AM to request make-up class work.  Make-up class work for excused absences is permitted only with teacher approval.  For each day of excused absence, the student will be allowed one day to obtain, complete, and return make-up class work assigned from an excused absence.  A student needing additional time to complete make-up class work must obtain teacher approval prior to the extension of time.  The maximum time for completing makeup work, regardless of the length of absence, is two weeks. Test must be made up on the first day returning back to school unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.  Excessive absences will be referred to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board).